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We’re going the the aquarium!

We are taking a miniature trip to Chicago this weekend.  We plan to meet with some friends, hang out and have a darn good time.  There is something else in addition to this wonderment that will occur before we play with friends.  We are going to the aquarium!

The Chicago Shedd Aquarium has all sorts of interesting animals, exhibits and shows.  The more researching I do, the more excited I get.  There is nothing not fun about dolphins jumping out of the water when it is choreographed by their dolphin instructors. The only downside to this whole endeavor is that we will probably have to pay approximately $9000 to park at Soldier Field, but I suppose there are worse things than having to pay to be entertained by sea creatures of all shapes and sizes.

There’s an Amazon exhibit of a flooded forest (I am really excited about this one), a Caribbean exhibit, a reef, an oceanarium and a polar play zone with penguins.  Who doesn’t love penguins?  Only people without hearts and souls don’t love penguins.

Not all of their animals are cute, though.  Some are menacing scary animals like this one.  This is an alligator snapping turtle.  He looks like he has some serious attitude problems.  I can see him telling children to stay off his lawn and hitting them with a cane.  I don’t think that he has gotten kinder with age.  Especially because he has those massive snapper chompers.  I will not be trying to pet the alligator turtle.  I just won’t do it.

I plan to take 4000 pictures to regale you with the awesomeness of the aquarium once we have returned.  Eep!

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