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Surviving Midterms & Halloween Previews

I’ve been neglecting my blog quite extensively not of my own doing, but from outside pressures and time sucks.  I’ve had some large projects, a couple exams, and a whopping cold on top of dealing with saying goodbye to my grandmother.  I’ve survived, but October has been a hectic month already and it is only the 18th.

At the end of the month we are going to a Halloween party thrown by some of H’s work friends.  I think it will be fun to get together with them, as we haven’t seen them since a summer get together.  This party is a costume party, as they are people who like costume things.  (They threw a murder mystery party that H went to as a pirate.)  H bought a kilt at the Renaissance Festival, so I am going to be a medieval person in a lace up corset and all that jazz.  I think it will be a grand olde time for one and all. 

I do anticipate being less pouty than the model though and with more hip coverage.  I also got a wig that is technically a mermaid wig.  It’s brunette/auburn brown and wavy.  I’ll have long flowing locks down to my waist, which seems highly entertaining to me.  If I’m going to go medieval, all out it is.  I am going to go out and buy some black boots of some kind or maybe even black stylized heels so that I have a shoe that fits with the ensemble a little.  I’m going to be a glorious, glorious vision of beauty or look completely ridiculous.  As it is for a Halloween costume, I think either will work out pretty well.

I am also probably doing some HIPAA training so I can take a specific class next semester.  It’ll be an interesting experience and hopefully rewarding.  I’ll talk about it more at length if I get time in the next few days.  That’s pretty much it for highlights.  I survived midterms and now I need to get caught up on everything that was pushed aside for life after midterms.


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