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Crafting Snowflakes

I had a roommate in college who was very into knitting.  She did it a lot of the time in all of the different seasons.  She started with scarves and moved onto a blanket, socks, hats and mittens.  I was never as ambitious as she was, but she inspired me to branch out into my own crafts.  This has led me to making lots of scarves, particularly for friends and family.  From there I branched out into crochet, because I needed a change.  I crocheted a blanket with lots of yarn and lots of time that I don’t really use, but it’s pretty.  This blanket led me to the discovery that I detest blankets with holes.  Oh well.

As I have previously mentioned I like Christmas things.  Due to my increase in free time, I have started thinking about how H and I will need our very own Christmas stockings, along with an ornament to represent our first married Christmas.  In my search for stockings I came upon these beauties by Martha Stewart.  I don’t necessarily love the doily things around the top, but I will tell you what I do love.  I love the snowflakes on the stockings.  They are incredibly charming and really quite adorable.  On the very same post I found a garland made out of the snowflakes.  I don’t know if it is because I love snowflakes in general or if these particular snowflakes make me want Christmas right here and now.  I am also sure the 90 degree heat has nothing to do with my snowflake desires.

Because these snowflakes are so stinking cute, I am going to try and make these snowflakes myself.  The direction’s are all on Martha’s website, but the short version is that you crochet the snowflakes, then pin them, starch them, and hang them for all to admire.  I think I might use elmer’s glue and water instead of starch so they’re more permanently stiff, but we’ll see when the time comes.

I have had a fiber craft respite in grad school for lack of time and burn out from my blanket, but I think these snowflakes may get me back into the swing of things.  I got my crochet hooks out and some random yarn I have to give one a go tonight.  I messed it up, but the project still seems manageable.  This is good because I should probably start the snowflakes now if I am going to have any hope of having a decent number of them by Christmas, as I am sure the first batch will turn out incredibly wonky.  Tomorrow the craft store better watch out because I am going to be snowflaking my summer away.  At least I think I am.

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