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A Little Schmaltz

H and I started dating the day after Thanksgiving, 2005.  (This was nearly exactly 5 years from the day that we started dating in 2000 at 14 and 15 years old, which lasted 3 weeks.)  That means that H and I have been together for 5 years.  In February, we’ll have our one year anniversary, so I will not be able to celebrate our dating anniversary anymore, so I am going to use this as one last opportunity to be schmaltzy about dating my husband.

We started talking the summer I was 19 and by Thanksgiving, things had progressed somewhere new.  He was even pretty darn romantic for a broke 20 year old.  That Christmas, he took me to a city park built around water falls.  It was all lit up with white lights that reflected on the snow.  We walked and talked, holding mittened hands in the freezing, freezing Midwestern winter weather.

We went to college six hours apart, so we had no choice but to talk on the phone.  We would talk about important things and unimportant things.  I even played World of Warcraft with him and his college buddies.  I gave up on the game during my senior year of college, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to geek out.  We would see each other every 4 to 6 weeks for visits and holidays at home.  We had adventures getting to know each other and cheering each other on during design projects and papers.

He moved 12 hours away from college, staying six hours away, just in the other direction for his grown up job.  I joined him a year later for graduate school, where he helped me move into my new apartment.  This meant we got to see each other every weekend and sometimes a day or two during the week.  We got engaged in October 2008, on my maternal grandparents’ wedding anniversary and the rest is history.  Here is to my lovely husband, and the last time I can get mushy about our dating anniversary.

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A Respite

Well, the semester has officially ended.  It was a hard and grueling end.  I submitted both papers and had a final last night.  Today I did very little.  I did some laundry, some dishes, neatened and general life things, but for the most part I was an unproductive pile of nothing.  It was really nice to be an unproductive pile of nothing.  I wasn’t studying or panicking or anything.  I will work on filing away my school papers this weekend and take a load of recycling to the recycling center.  Then I think everything will be in pretty good shape.

We got married in February, while I was 3 weeks into the semester.  It worked out fine, but didn’t allow for us to take any kind of trip.  We are about 2 hours away from a city.  I was doing some random looking and found a tour of Jersey Boys that will be playing there this summer.  So we’re going to go to the city, see Jersey Boys and hopefully some other fun activities.

A broadway musical has some significant part in our history.  This is a mushy story.  We  first dated when H was 15 and I was 14.  We went to the same high school and were both in marching band.  We went to play in New York at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  It was incredibly cold.  The band director came onto the buses somewhere between 3:00 and 5:00 am and told us we would never remember how cold it was, just that it was wonderful.  I remember how cold it was distinctly to this day.

Anyway, we first started dating Thanksgiving Day of that trip and sat together at Aida, which was one of the activities for the trip.  We held hands and I remember being full of butterflies.  We dated for 3 weeks before I broke up with him.  We didn’t speak for the next 5 years.  We then bonded after an incredibly odd 4th of July party.

Because our first date ever was a broadway musical, I think it’s nice we’re going to see a show on our honeymoon.  I’ve only done preliminary investigation, but it looks like there is a winery nearby where we can have a tasting scheduled.  There are also some gardens and a zoo, so we’ll see what else appeals to us for our miniature honeymoon.  If nothing else, the show should be great.  I’m very much looking forward to it.

We may also take a little trip to Chicago this summer.  It will be a trip to spend with some friends of mine.  This one isn’t set in stone yet.  It is after midnight and I should go to bed.  I’m certainly glad I don’t have to get up at 7:00 tomorrow.

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I guess I’m married

I love my husband.  I have loved him for years now.  It is just funny how things have changed now that he is permanently living with me.  He has picked me up from school twice, which is lovely.  We’ve cooked more meals than I have ever cooked alone, which is noteworthy and seem time consuming to me.  We have bought groceries I would never have bought three weeks ago.  Who needs two packages of roast beef?  Apparently he does.  I have even taken care of him while he’s had a cold and was being a great big baby.  It is funny because all of the things we’ve done have been activities we did before.  We cooked.  We bought groceries.  We took care of one another when we weren’t feeling well.  Now, however, now we are doing it as MARRIED people.  Weird.

I don’t mind him beside me when I go to sleep every night.  I thought I would get sick of him being there every night, but haven’t.  I am also glad that he’s willing to help with dishes and laundry and mundane things like that.  I’m glad he’ll still give me space when I need to do school work or relax for awhile.  Overall, things are going well, if differently than they were before.  I’m married.  Who knew?

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