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Poor Lindsay Lohan

I know that Lindsey Lohan is very much a train wreck.  I know that she has made many bad decisions and keeps on making bad decisions.  However, I just feel bad for the girl.  She was thrust into show business by her crazy mother and father when she was a teeny pint of a person.  From there she was catapulted to success with films like the Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, when she was a tween and the cultural phenomenon, Mean Girls when she was a teenager.  She was then a Hollywood “It Girl,” whatever that means.  As far as I can tell that means paparazzi, public scrutiny, and Paris Hilton wanting to talk to her.  This “It Girl”-ness also seems to have meant access to alcohol and drugs while she was a minor and probably a never ending flow of them.  This probably also included Paris Hilton.

Due to all these circumstances coming together, she has turned into a caricature of a person.  She is photographed on a regular basis stumbling out of bars at all hours of the night.  She was a lesbian (gasp!), broke up with her lesbian lover tumultuously (gasp!), and was even upset about it (GASP!).  I know she is certainly responsible for her actions and choices.  She has to breathe in to get anything up her nose (if in fact she does that).  I just feel bad for her apparently nonexistent support system.  No one seems to care about her enough to try to help her out of downward spiral.  The people around her seem content to sit back and watch her fail.

Child stars like Lindsay often appear destined for train wreck status.  It is the rare few of them who are supported by people who don’t want to take advantage of them or profit from them.  Even her mother and father have had countless interviews and sound bites dedicated to discussing the problem that she is or is not.  No one is declining to comment or help her instead of getting that screen time.  There was even a show that showcased Dina and her younger sister.  This show would not have existed without Lindsay’s name attached to it in some way.

This little ramble is all precipitated by the article linked under her name.  She was sentenced to 90 days in jail followed by in patient rehab for another 90 days for violating the terms of her probation.  I suspect her 90 days in jail will be 20 minutes like Khloe Kardashian and Paris Hilton endured.  Nevertheless, I hope that rehab will help her get back on the straight and narrow, that someone will step up to try and help her rather than just watching her fail.  Britney Spears had a flail period, but her dad stepped in and tried to help her.  From that, she’s gotten a lot better.  I hope Lindsay is able to find someone who will help her.

To note: I don’t think drunk driving or many of her activities are acceptable.  I don’t understand them, condone them, or forgive them.  I am, however, sad that no one in her life appears willing to do something other than watch and judge.


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