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Once Upon a Time

The beginning seems the best place to start.  I have been married for four days, which seems like as good a beginning as anything else.

Introductions are in order.  I love fiercely, but not easily.  I am bold, sometimes brash, and try to be kind, which sometimes takes a lot of work and my mother in my head.  I am a graduate student getting my second master’s degree and a lover of many things including books, movies, television series (but only a select few), and my husband.  I used to write fairly often, got busy, had to plan a wedding, and missed it when the world died down.

New adventures include marriage, cooking, and spending my evenings with someone else around.  My husband is a geeky engineer.  He is considerate, kind, and someone who I have loved for just over 4 years.  I get progressively less cool and more big bang theory the longer we’re together.  I’ve come to enjoy this process.  This is a silly little blog for silly little thoughts and maybe some bigger ones.


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