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Time with the Fam

I had a few days of blog hiatus because we were on vacation with H’s family.  We traveled all bajillion hours to his parents house (aka 8 hours) and spent the weekend there.  We spent some time outside in the sun.  I got a little tan.  H got a little sunburn.  We went for a boat ride with his dad, who mercilessly soaked us both, also dampening H’s brother and fiancée.  We had some great fun and really enjoyed just spending time.

I have also decided that H is a card shark.  We played several hands of this game called 5 crowns.  It is a rummy based card game that is purchasable off of Amazon for about $8.00.  We played at least 4 games and H won two of them.  When there are seven people playing a game that has some major chance components, the same person shouldn’t win that many hands.  This leads me to the conclusion that he was probably cheating, or at least had stupidly good luck to get the scores he did.  The other hands we played he got ridiculously high scores to get us off his scent, but I am onto him.  Yes, I am.

I am also incredibly impressed by his mother’s ridiculous baking skills.  She has the ability to (I don’t know how) make awesome food and make it look effortless.  She decided to make scones for breakfast in the morning.  She threw some stuff in a bowl, mooshed it around, added blueberries and white chocolate chips and POOF! Magical scone delightfulness.  They were amazing and there were over a dozen of them in two cooking batches.  She has given me the recipe for the scones, which is just an ingredient list on a post it, but I don’t dare attempt them because our oven it itty bitty and difficult to bake in.

She made dinner that night.  She somehow made mashed potatoes when it seemed like she was barely putting in any work.  She was chatting, socializing, happened to be in the kitchen and POOF!  Mashed potatoes.  She also made chicken that I literally didn’t even see between it thawing on the counter and it being in the oven.  I hope I have magical POOF! cooking skills someday.  That would be handy.  I bet she could even produce a pig on a spit if she really wanted to.  That woman has skills.

When I was a teenager, I wish I had liked cooking more so that by now, I would have magical cooking skills.  As it stands, my cooking is markedly mediocre and feels really cumbersome to do.  Maybe in 25 years my cooking will seem as effortless as H’s mom’s does, but frankly I doubt it.  I’m impressed.

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