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The Dentist

A little back story:  Two of my grandparents had dentures in their forties.  I have an aunt with some long term teeth issues and parents that have both had significant dental work on their teeth so I have some genetic teeth issues.  In high school I had two things happen, I got decalcification from brushing my teeth poorly and not flossing enough and got in a car accident that fractured a bunch of my teeth, not to the point of falling out, but it’ll probably happen later in life.  I shaped up, started flossing daily and in grad school 6 or 7 years later, it has become clear that my efforts are just not good enough.  I have had one permanent filling in the last year and several temporary fillings that are supposed to recalcify teeth so I don’t have to get root canals.  Doesn’t that sound like an eternal joy?

I got my little card in the mail that said I need to schedule an appointment.  Well I called the dentist this morning and cannot get in until the middle of April.  That’s not six months, that is eight and a half months.  Neat.  Super.  I am doing my damnedest to take care of teeth that seem to want to rot out of my head without my say so and can’t see the dentist until April.  Stupid.  It’s stupid.

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