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Beef Stew

I did an experiment this morning.

I put beef stew ingredients in the crock pot and left it on low on the counter, just chilling out, well warming up, rather.  I really hope that when I get home from work tonight the house smells like yummy beef stew and not something else that is unpleasant.  I will feel bad if all my chopping and cubing has gone to waste.

We have been trying to cook more.  As part of this plan we did a well planned shopping list with 5 recipes on it that we plan to prepare over the next few weeks.  This includes enchiladas, beef stew, meatballs, carbonara, and fettuccine baked something or other.  Thus far we have made carbonara.  It was ridiculously good.  I mean, so good.  It was delicious and something we could definitely serve to guests if we are feeling so inclined.  The one thing about it is bacon distribution.  We have not figured out how to distribute the bacon evenly.  It seems to just stay on the edges of the pan.  Maybe we should try to take it out and then distribute it later.

Our cooking adventures are all part of a greater movement in our house to try and be healthier and active.  This is difficult in the dead of winter when it is 4 degrees outside.  Walking is not really an option, so we’ve done a little bit of fitness video/exercise bike usage.  I want to make it a regularly scheduled event in our house, but that will probably take some time to get going because Husband is not inclined to work out without some severe pestering.  His lack of motivation demotivates me.  We’ll see how we end up progressing.

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