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I sometimes wonder if there is a proper division of labor that should occur in a household.  The two spouses should take tasks according to how much they hate doing the chore.  For instance, I hate doing dishes without a dishwasher (which we do not have.)  I don’t like old food or icky slimy things.  It is an unpleasant sensation to have on the hands.  It also kicks my cutiles’ butts and makes them all red and raggedy.  I have, however, decided that I will do dishes.

If H does the dishes, he’ll do it once, maybe twice a week once they have taken over both sinks, the stovetop, and probably the counter in front of the microwave (our kitchen is itty bitty.)  He would probably do them sooner if commanded, but that’s not really an appropriate thing for a grown up to do, command other grown ups behavior.  Therefore, I have decided that I will start doing the dishes every night before bed.  It won’t allow them to get old, stuck on, sticky, or stinky, but it will require that I do dishes every day of my life.

When I was not living with another human, I could do dishes once every three days because I didn’t cook.  I would eat cereal or green beans or spaghetti-os.  That’s one dish a piece for all of those meals.  Now if we make enchiladas it is a 9×13 pan, the little sauce pan, the big sauce pan, plus plates, not to mention 14 different cooking utensils and other pieces of silverware.  Nevertheless, I think my loathing of having my kitchen covered in dirty dishes has finally won out over my extreme desire not to do them.

Now he better start liking a new chore too, or at least sucking it up so he does it regularly.  The clean, wrinkled clothes in our washing machine suggest that he’s not going to be very good at it.

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