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Holiday (1938)

The Holiday was a cute little movie that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It even won the academy award for art direction in 1939.  It is based around the Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, George Cukor trio, that was made famous by the Philadelphia Story later on.

The premise of this film is that Grant playing a man named Johnny Case falls in love with Hepburn’s younger sister, Julia.  Johnny comes from a working class family, but on his first vacation ever he meets Julia Seton, played by Doris Nolan.  She comes from an incredibly wealthy family and when she takes him home to meet the family, he meets Linda Seton, her oddball older sister.  Even though Julia and Johnny have only known one another for a short time frame, they plan an engagement and wedding.

In a plot twist, Johnny is on the verge of a major business success that will allow him to take the extended holiday that he has always wanted.  He believes that if he is going to vacation and play he should do it when he is young, instead of when he is too old to appreciate it.  There is much tumult over the engagement and several high society people are very snooty to both Linda and Johnny in this process.  After a fight, Johnny and Linda dance alone together.  At this point it becomes clear that they are meant for one another and are madly madly in love.

Julia and Dad try to pressure Johnny into joining the family business after his success and while he initially revolts, they get him to acquiesce.  Johnny’s revolt is then reinforced by their younger brother, Ned who has given up trying to do anything with his life, and been driven to drink by the intense business demands of his father.  There are a few plot points along that way that I have skipped, but both Johnny and Linda are able to extricate themselves from the intense demands of Linda’s family and escape.  He leaves to go to France with his parental figures who have met Linda and love her dearly.  From there, Linda asks Julia if she ever really loved him.  When Julia says that she didn’t and she’s relieved, Linda flies out of the house and manages to get on the boat to France.

Happy Endings for all!

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