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The Lucerne

Look at the picture I have placed in this blog.  Instead of red, make it a pretty light silver color.  Now that you’ve mentally made the car a light silver, you are probably wondering why I’m making you picture a silver car in the first place.  I’m making you picture a silver car because we just got a new light silver car!

This is the 2006 Buick Lucerne.  It is Buick’s update on the Le Sabre.  It still has the same land yacht qualities with less name recognition.  I don’t know why Buick made that choice, but they did.  They also chose to name it after a little town in Switzerland.

The Lucerne will be taking the place of my 1995 Buick Le Sabre in our lives.  Her name is Irma.  (It’s pronounced er-ma, none of that fancy ear-ma junk.)  Irma has been my car since I was fourteen years old.  I have had this car for a full decade of my life, which is substantial given my 24 years.  She has been faithful to me and my mother before me for a total of 165,000 miles.  She has gotten some dents and dings along the way, but remains an ever faithful little car.  She starts in the dead of winter on the first try and has been a true and faithful car.  She will not be leaving our lives completely, though.  She will be driven by H’s younger sister who is buying her from us for $750.  This is reasonable because there is some significant body rust, particularly on the rocker panels.

As we say goodbye to Irma, we must make room in our hearts for my new (to me) car.  She must be named.  I have decided on Sylvia, but plan to call her Sylvie when the mood strikes me.

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