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New Neighbors

This picture is important for two reasons.  The first reason is that I loved the Berenstain Bears growing up.  For a long time, my parents had every single Berenstain Bears book there was.  We could read about the new baby, about why it is important to have friends and that bullies should be stood up to and punished by the proper authorities.  It doesn’t even matter in the Berenstain Bears that everyone has an awkward bear haircut (bearcut) and they all wear hats indoors.  The Berenstain Bear universe is a kinder gentler one that will share its platitudes for generations to come.

The other reason this is important is because we have new neighbors.  (Don’t worry, we weren’t looking at them like Papa Bear.  He’s judging the new neighbors, which we didn’t do.)  We live in an apartment complex that seems to have quite high turnover.  This means we have lots of new folks coming and going all the time.   H and I don’t tend to engage with our neighbors very often, but then something special and magical occurred.

On Friday, shortly after my family arrived, we were going to go on a little walk with my sister.  She was feeling cramped from being in the car all day, so we went for a little walk.  We were walking out and our new neighbors had locked themselves out of their apartment with their screen door.  I explained how we fixed our screen door to no avail.  New neighbor man even broke the handle on the screen door trying to open it.  Don’t worry, it’s been replaced.  We then asked them if they wanted to come into our apartment to use our internet to call the proper authorities to get them into their apartment.  This is the part where  I became enamoured of them.

They came into the apartment.  She complimented the setup of our living room and kitchen.  He popped over to H’s bookshelf to peer at the books and asked H about his favorite author.  If my sister hadn’t been with us, I would have probably asked to make sweet neighborly love to them by inviting them over to hang out with us or something.  My sister was at our apartment though, so we lost that opportunity.  Now we don’t know how to proceed with making our new neighbor best friends.

We’ve thought of a few things.  Option A: Go bring them new neighbor cookies.  This means I have to bake, which is difficult in our tiny oven.  Option B: Write them a note telling them we’d like to have them over.  H thinks this one is creepy.  I just don’t know what to do about the whole situation!  I want them to be our new neighbor best friends forever, but how can we do that if we never talk to them?  Le sigh.



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