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Christmas in May

I will begin by saying that I love Christmas.  There is something about
Christmas and the entire holiday season that brings out the very best in lots of people.  I don’t know if it is the emotional warmth that can only happen in the winter, but Christmas is something that I love year round.  While the gift giving is nice, it is more of a situation where I am not in classes and I get to spend time with the people I love most.

I watch Rankin/Bass Christmas movies on occasion, all year round.  There is something about stop motion Christmas themed puppetry that really gets me going.  The Snow Miser, Santa, and Frosty all have the ability to warm up the subcockles of my heart and just make me happy. Even though they were filmed in the 70s, I love them as a child of the late 80s.  I have gone to the time and effort to collect them over the last few years because I love them so dearly.  I don’t necessarily like the “classics” the best, but I certainly love them.  There is something about a Burl Ives Santa that demands my love, which I supply copiously.

This post is all prompted by our kitchy touristing this weekend.  The tourist trap had a great many different shops and places where people can spend their money. Well, one of the stores was a Christmas store.  It had Christmas music, Christmas ornaments, fake snow made out of cotton balls, and even plastic icicles that were about 3 feet long.  I was in heaven.  I wandered around listening to the Christmas music and really dorkily enjoying the whole thing.  Some of it was incredibly ugly, but it made me feel really nostalgic for Christmas.

Sane people are ready for summer in May.  They want baseball, golf, short shorts, and tans.  Apparently, while I think those things are nice, I am not of the same ilk as most people because I just really wanted to break out my 2.5 foot Christmas tree and decorate the crap out of it.  My dad gets these beautiful brass ornaments every year from Baldwin.  We have a hydrangea ornament and a snowflake from them.  The hydrangea was a wedding gift.  I am excited to go out and buy another ornament for our first Christmas as married people and celebrate that time with our families now that we’re completely permanent, even though we have been together for years.

Tonight may be a night for Frosty the Snowman and the sequel when he gets married to a snow woman named Crystal.

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