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The Ants Come Marching

We had done away with the ants.  I was a good thing all around.  I was feeling accomplished for having done away with them.  We even started to feel secure in our antlessness.  As a result I took our little poison cards and threw them away.  “If we don’t have ants, why do we need poison cards?” I thought to myself foolishly.  We were care free and ant free.  How could anything possibly go wrong?  There were a few weeks of uneventfulness where I felt secure.  There were no sightings.  There were no ant related events in our household.  I was content to rush about in a finals induced frenzy without worry.

Then H saw one.  Then I saw one.  Then one crawled onto my desk.  I hate ants on my desk from way deep down in my ant hating place.

I got out the bottle of poison and cut up a coke can box and redistributed the poison.  The ants swarmed onto the poison, although in much fewer numbers than the first attack.  The most ants I ever saw at one time were limited to a group of seven.  It was not like the great ant influx, thank goodness.

They are now gone again, but I know better than to be lulled into a false sense of security.  They will come.  They will always come.  When they decide to show their little anty heads again, I will be ready with some Terro ant poison and some cardboard, ready to take them on.

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