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It’s Here!

My kindle is here! I got it on Friday after it was supposed to be delivered Thursday.  However, all I got was a signature slip on my door.  I came into work late on Friday to stay home and basically stalk my Fedex man as he was coming up to my door.  It probably appeared that I was lurking in the shadows of my apartment watching him walk up to my door because I was.

I plugged it in to let it get charged up while I worked.  I also did some searching to find content I wanted to download.  To begin with, I did free content because I don’t want to spend money completely willy nilly after buying the kindle and case.  I downloaded Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, the Count of Monte Cristo, and The Wizard of Oz.  All of these books are out of copyright, but things I have never read.  While we traveled to the wedding this weekend, H drove and I read Alice in Wonderland to him.  I have been reading the Wizard of Oz to myself, which I didn’t realize was so different fromthe movie because it seems like the movie has is own lore associated with it.

Thus far, I am in love with both the kindle and the case I bought for it.  The case is the perfect green color for me.  I also choose to believe that it is gender neutral enough that H could use it.  I brought it to the gym with me and it propped up on the machine very nicely.  I also enlarged the text so I could easily read what was on the page even though I was moving vigorously.  I also really like the screen function.  For those who don’t know, the kindle has a two sided molecule based screen, one side white and one side black.  The screen flips the molecules to display the right information and after the molecules are flipped into the right configuration, there is no energy being exerted.  It’s not backlit, either.  This means two things.  It is really energy efficient, so the battery life is long and reads like a book page.  Therefore there aren’t the risks of eye strain or whatever other problems that backlighting causes.

There is one noticeable quirk that I have found in the kindle content.  There are some books in the free list that are parts of series and look like standard copyrighted books.  However, upon further investigation many of these books are Christian fiction.  I’m not a reader of Christian fiction, so I can imagine that people without my librarian investigative skills will download these books to be shocked that they aren’t in fact, reading a trashy romance like they had planned.

Speaking of trashy romances, there is another group of free books that are romance novels.  These are not completely standard from the descriptions either.  There is a group called Naughty Nooners.  The idea being that they can be read over a lunch break.  They appear to be more tawdry than standard romance novels.  One of the descriptions talked about bdsm.  I don’t have a problem with bdsm, but that doesn’t scream lunch reading to me.  Perhaps I’ll read one to give a more accurate review.  The kindle is already growing my horizons.

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