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To Do Lists

I am a fairly type A individual.  I have always been a good organizer and aggregater of information.  This served me well in high school and undergrad.  It is possible that I have gotten lazier, busier, or just more aware of how much stuff I acutally have to do, but I must say that lists don’t seem as helpful as they used to.  I used to make a list and methodically go down the list, neatly checking off little boxes.

Now the list seems never ending.  Once one thing gets checked off, four new things suddenly appear.  It is exhausting.

Case briefs
Moving husband’s things in
Ever moving

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Once Upon a Time

The beginning seems the best place to start.  I have been married for four days, which seems like as good a beginning as anything else.

Introductions are in order.  I love fiercely, but not easily.  I am bold, sometimes brash, and try to be kind, which sometimes takes a lot of work and my mother in my head.  I am a graduate student getting my second master’s degree and a lover of many things including books, movies, television series (but only a select few), and my husband.  I used to write fairly often, got busy, had to plan a wedding, and missed it when the world died down.

New adventures include marriage, cooking, and spending my evenings with someone else around.  My husband is a geeky engineer.  He is considerate, kind, and someone who I have loved for just over 4 years.  I get progressively less cool and more big bang theory the longer we’re together.  I’ve come to enjoy this process.  This is a silly little blog for silly little thoughts and maybe some bigger ones.

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