About Me

I am a young professional who finished her second graduate degree in May 2011.  That’s not bad considering I was born in 1986 and finished my undergraduate career in 2008.  Basically I am this woman, except not a stock photo from the internet.  I think.  I think a great deal about a great many things.  These things will inevitably show up in my blog.  They’ll consist of love, marriage, books, and all of the life shenanigans that happen along the way.

I got married in February 2010.  I was newly 24 and H was almost 25.  By the time we got married, H and I had been together for over 4 years.  I’ve never been a wife before so there will probably be some stories about my ineptitude with wifely things like cleaning or making a queen sized bed.  We don’t actually have calculator rings, although that would be pretty cool.  They look enormous on that man’s hand.  Maybe I’ll have to suggest this to H, get him a replacement for the silly diamond band he’s wearing now.

I’m also a feminist.  I’m not a person who quibbles about the things that are important to me, so I will just say that I’m a feminist.  There will probably be feministy undertones in some of the blog posts, so this is fair warning.

P.S. I know there are male feminists.  I just thought this picture was a special kind of ridiculous when I was looking for pictures, so I decided it had to be added.