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Bad Blogger: Hit it!

A few things have happened over the last several months that I have been neglecting my bit of the internet.

Of note: We bought a house, have started all sorts of house projects, finished a few, planned to tackle others, etc.

I continue to read books of varying quality, and am part of a book club that is probably the best thing since sliced bread.

This post  shall be dedicated to my book club, which I love dearly deep down in my heart cockles.  I feel like we probably need super hero capes and masks to properly indicate the awesomeness of this group of ladies to the world.  Others will know how fantastic they are by their usage of brightly colored lycra and knee high patent leather boots.

The conversations we have are political, religious, boozy, funny, silly, serious, commiserating, book oriented, life oriented, nothing oriented, and generally fantastic.  This book club has subjected me to some of the worst: “Room” and best: “The Fault in Our Stars” books I wouldn’t have read without their impetus.  I’ve never stumbled upon a better group of friends or developed such a deep appreciation for other people in a short number of months.

A few highlights: Pope Joan: A Novel, and The Fault in Our Stars.  Go read them both.

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