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Speaking Minnesotan

Although I am not a Minnesotan, this video does signify some of the tendencies of my stalwart midwestern people.


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Bibliophilia: October

These books are falling like my ability to finish books in October.  I only finished one, A Room with a View.  I am getting close with War and Peace, so it’ll definitely show up on November, but alas, October was unsuccessful.

Mini Review: 
A Room with a View started really slowly.  I did not fall depply in love with this.  Much like Jane Austen’s writing, this suffered from a Victorian sensibility that I struggle with.  I understand that delicate sensibilities and propriety were the foundation of their relations between the sexes, but as a modern woman and a romantic curmudgeon, it was a bit much.  Tat said, I did enjoy how all ended well.

Queued Up: I’m planning to finish Uncle Tom’s Cabin and War and Peace.  As I’ve made significant progress in both of them, I may be able to throw in some new literature.

 Total: 58/1294

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