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Bibliophilia Update: June

Due to starting a new job, moving, going home twice, and general insanity, I only read two books in June.  I read more than two books in June, but only two from my book list.  I read Dracula and Of Mice and Men.

Mini Reviews: 

Of Mice and Men is pretty short, but has really intense themes.  I had planned to read East of Eden really soon, but may put it off, for fear of it being as intense as Of Mice and Men.  I also found it really heartbreaking to know that George had taken so many pains to take care of Lennie, just to “put him down” at then end of the book.

Dracula I absolutely loved.  I feared that it would be a bit morose, but instead it was a tale of grand adventures crossing the globe.  I loved the analysis of sexuality, folklore, and colonialism.

Queued Up: I’m in the middle of A Tale of Two Cities, The Metamorphoses of Ovid, and The Fountainhead, all of which I hope to finish in July.

Total: 53/1294 

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