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I am a type A crazy person and was particularly stressed out this week.  I went and saw my professor to talk about my degree final.  We talked for a while, but during our chat I found myself sighing and taking deep soothing breaths for the first time in days because of this low music she was playing.  I mentioned it, and she introduced me to the world of Byron Metcalf hemi-sync.  She told me some artists and gave me recommendations to look up when I got home.  I am officially in love with this new stress relief tool.

It’s basically meditation assistance music, but with this bi-aural underlying tone that I found completely soothing.  In addition to the hemi-sync, I listened to a meditation thing.  It was 20 minutes long and knocked me unconscious about halfway through.  I went and took an hour nap before getting back to feverishly working on my homework.  I am not a believer in meditation.  I have never done it successfully in my life.  Yet, I found myself completely relaxed by this stuff.  It will not be every day listening certainly, as I don’t have time for random naps, but when I am so stressed I’ve stopped breathing, it will be a helpful tool.  I’ve already determined I have some hemi-sync preferences that I will share for those who may be interested in venturing into the world of bi-aural relaxation.

Digeridoos?  Okay.
Drums? Fine if not too fast.
Flutes? Not okay.
Chanting? Dear God make it stop.
Animal chirping? No.
Wave sounds? Only acceptable after I’ve been listening to it for awhile.  If I start with this, it makes me feel like using the bathroom.

On that lovely and strange note, I give you an example of hemi-sync so you too can relax yourself unconscious.

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Don’t I Look Sheepish

Clearly I am the world’s worst blogger.  It has been over a month since I last posted because graduate school is a cruel mistress who unceremoniously took all my time and wouldn’t give it back.  Yesterday I finished my degree final and passed, so that is one step closer to graduation.  Now I need to pass my 3 remaining classes (including a terrifying midterm in two weeks) and find a job.  Hopefully this will not be as painful as I am anticipating.  I’ve been applying for jobs consistently with a few interviews and no offers yet, so I just keep hoping.  Financially we’ll be fine if I’m doing something other than my dream job, but I think it will be fairly demoralizing to have to take a random job I don’t want with 2 master’s degrees.  Today I’ll apply for another handful of jobs and add them to the list of jobs I’ve applied for.

Other highlights include a tax refund and plans to pay off over half of the loan on H’s car because we hit our short term savings goal in February.  We are being consistent and controlled with our financial lives, and starting to see some positive results of our tenacity.

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