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Nearing the end of the semester

I am 4.5 weeks away from being done with this semester.  That means I am 4.5 weeks from having 1 semester left to finish in my second master’s degree.  I cannot wait for these 4.5 weeks to be finished.  On the bright side, I will get to have vacation for one of those weeks and hopefully be doing homework like a mad woman to make life easier at the tail end of the semester.  I’ve also got classes picked out for the spring.  I”ll be taking introduction to Biostatistics, Health Informatics II, and hopefully a clinical practicum, but it remains to be seen if that will actually work out.  I may have to throw another class in randomly.

After the end of the semester comes a break form schoolwork in which I will be writing a one hour presentation for my degree presentation that will occur at the end of February.  I’ll also be applying for jobs as I find them to apply for.  Overall I will just keep working in full swing until the end of the semester.

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Crock pot granola

One week, I sat down with the internet and wrote out a big long list of stuff that I wanted to cook. This included several things I haven’t posted yet, but I have to gush about the granola I made in my crock pot tonight in all it’s homemade glory.


5 cups rolled oats (not quick oats)
1 T flax seed
1/4 cup slivered almonds
1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/4 cup coconut (or a little more if you like it)
1/2 cup crasins
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup butter


Throw everything dry into the crock pot (at least 3.5 quart crock pot) and stir.  Then melt butter in the microwave and mix it with the honey.  Pour over the mixture.  (I mixed partway through and found it helpful to break the pouring up, for better mixing.)  Cook on high for about 2 hours, mixing every 15-20 minutes.  Vent the crock pot with something plastic like a chop stick or other utencil.  Once cooked, spread on parchment to cool.

H and I both think it tastes really great.  I think we’ll probably eat it like cereal, homemade awesome cereal.  I’ll probably make this 15 more times because when he got groceries, he bought me a pound of sunflower seeds.  I stuck them in the freezer.

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Crockpot Chicken Marsala

This is H’s recipe adventure more than mine, but it’s a crock pot recipe, so I’m still posting it.  We made this marsala recipe with chicken instead of veal.  H followed everything to a t, so I won’t repost that part.  However, I have got to say, it turned out a bit weird.  We made several things that weekend, so we each tried a bite, then stuck it in the fridge.  I don’t know if it’s because of our crock pot or because of the recipe, but it was kind of an oil slick after refrigeration.

–1 lb of very thin chicken cutlets
–1/2 t kosher salt
–1/2 t ground black pepper
–1/2 t dried oregano
–1 T balsamic vinegar
–1/2 cup marsala wine
–2 chopped green onions
–2 cups sliced mushrooms
To get rid of the oil slick component, I would just put the chicken into the crock pot after slicing thin.  Then dump everything else in.  It’ll still taste like marsala with less butter ickiness.

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November Mornings

There is something so perfect about mornings at the end of October and early November. It’s cold.  For the first time you can say it’s cold.  You wear mittens in the shade because the air nips at you, but can still be warmed by sunshine in the afternoons.  Your cheeks actually burn just a touch when you go inside, for the first time since spring feeling the effects of the chill.

Leaves fall in torrents from the trees.  I take a bus downtown in the morning (no parking anywhere) and stand near this tree. The last 3 times I’ve counted at least 100 leaves falling in the 5-10 minutes I wait.  This morning was more like 300-500.  I actually lost count they came down in such torrential waves, dancing, spinning, floating, and lilting down.

There is something about a November morning that is better than all the other mornings.  It’s not snowy and sloppy like spring.  It’s not biting or sweltering like winter and summer.   It’s just the perfect amount of needing to bundle and being okay in a sweater.  I love November mornings like this November morning.

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