Uh Oh, Sick Hubberton

I’m a bad blogger.  Getting prepared for my new academic year has made me neglect my blog.  I shall try to remedy this immediately, but in an uncommitted way.

Today went as usual for me, however, when H got home, he was puny.  I am not used to taking care of him when he isn’t feeling well.  I’ve got all my systems and signs figured out, but he is a totally different person with totally different issues and triggers.  I don’t know how to fix him!  I even called my mom for recommendations.

I then realized this is a preview of my life when I have a child.  (No, we’re not having babies soon.) I will have no idea what is wrong with it 99.9% of the time, at least for awhile.  Crap.

However, clueless as I may be, I am trying to take care of my under the weather husband.  We had plans to go to a friend’s comedy show tonight.  Instead of going out, we’re staying in.  He’s headed to bed at 9:30 and I’ll be quiet as a mouse in the other room for an hour to let him get good deep rest.  Maybe marriage is just a precursor to parenting with taller, more able bodies subjects.  Shh.  He’s sleeping.


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