A Grown Up Job

I will be graduating with my second master’s degree in about 10 months.  That means I need to have a job in less time than that.  We could probably survive for a little while without any income from me, but it would not be ideal for a few reasons.  I would be a panicky, snappy mess and then finances would get tight.

To attempt to prevent these problems, I have been sprucing up my resume, contacting my references and getting prepared to job search.  If I enter the job market sooner rather than later, there will be less lag between school and job.

There is one problem with this.  When I try to start job searching, I get a constricting feeling in my chest.  The insides of me start trying to crawl out my throat and scream at me that they want to be free.  I am overwhelmed by how small I am, insecurity and the lack of confidence I feel with this whole process.  I am an educated, smart woman, but looking at job listings has me whittled down to a mess.


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