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Racism in the morning

I take a bus to campus on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Apparently I will consistently be riding with this woman who started talking to me on Monday.  She is here to finish her religion undergraduate degree and hopefully move on to be a ph.D student.  Monday she regaled me with tales of her life and children.  Today she was talking away when she got all aflutter at someone.  I turned to find there was a car driving buy that slowly started backing up.  There was no one around, it was not a big deal.

She started talking to the driver, whose windows were up thereby making the driver oblivious to her verbal barrage, about how that was inappropriate.  “He just shouldn’t be doing that!  What are you doing?!  Stop backing up!”  It was really strange. Once the driver came into view she said, “You’re a white guy!”   The car picked up its passenger and went on its merry way.  She then shook her head and started talking to me again about her classes.

I didn’t say anything, but I wanted to say, “Now hold up!  You just wait a minute.  Why was there a reason to exclaim with such disbelief that he was white?”  I was thoroughly horrified and no longer want to speak to this woman in the mornings.  Who does that?  It was so beyond appropriate behavior that I didn’t know what to do.

Maybe I’ll have to start taking a more crowded bus.


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Starting School

I have officially begun what is (hopefully) my final fall semester of school.  This time next year, I will have a job in an office where I do grown up things and work from 9-5 or 8-6 or whatever my hours happen to be.  Yesterday morning, I got up extra early, got ready, and took a bus over an hour early to campus.  I needed to find my classroom and have some time to relax.  I got there at 8:45 for a 9:30 class.  (Hello, crazy.  Party of one.)  I called my dad and we chatted about how I get my insane need to be early from him and he supported my choice to go to class an hour beforehand.

The class was fine.  There was no homework, nothing scary, just going through the syllabus and some general information.  This evening I have my second class.  I know that everything will go just as simply with this class, but I think for safety’s sake, I better go to this one early, too.  You know, just in case there is an apocalypse between me and the classroom I need to end up in.  Better early with a book than late and getting dirty looks.  (Did you see what I did there?  That rhymed.)

As the students of Rydell High would say in Grease 2: Gotta go back, back, back to school again.  Oh no, I gotta go, back to school again.

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The Expendables

This weekend, H and I went to go see the Expendables.  I was excited.  I was really excited.  I was excited because I love Dolph Lundgren.  Maybe it is because we have equally Swedish last names.  Maybe it is because I fell in love with his 1987 portrayal of HeMan, Master of the Universe.  Whatever the reason, I have loved and do love Dolph Lundgren.

I knew Dolph would be in this movie, so we went at my bidding.  To my delight, it was completely adorable.  Perhaps that is not the thing to call a manly man, explosion filled, action movie, but it was.  It was adorable.  The characters were somewhat simple, but that worked out because these men were just appreciating being on the screen.  Their joviality and delight seeped into the marrow of the movie (if movies had bones.  Work with the imagery, here.)  There were explosions, a girl who had to be saved and Sylvester Stallone’s really bad facelift, all to enjoy.  There were also some good belly laugh moments.  Who doesn’t like an action movie that makes you laugh?

I talked to my brother about it afterward.  He ALSO loved the Expendables.  Adam and I don’t often  have the same taste in entertainment, so the fact that my manly man brother and my not manly man self both enjoyed it thoroughly, speaks to the charm and appeal of this movie.  It has been #1 two weeks in a row now.  This is impressive considering that people thought Scott Pilgrim would kick its butt.  (It didn’t.)

There was one part of the movie that made me nervous.  They help this girl to make her world a better place.  They end up saving her from extremely negative circumstances.  Then at the end, she and Sly are standing together and looked like they might kiss.  This woman was maybe 25, tops.  Sly is not at an age where kissing the girl at the end of the movie is permissible.  Instead she hugged him and he went father figure-y.  I will not lie and say I wasn’t worried.  I was worried.  However, there was no creepy kiss at the end.

I will try not to give too much of the plot away, but I need to talk about Dolph’s role a bit more. Dolph started out as a good guy, became a bad guy, (NOOO!!!!!) and then, when all appeared to be lost, he rebounded and became a good guy all over again.  Apparently, he was the second choice for the role.  Jean Claude Van Damme turned down the role.  There is a portion where Jet Li and Dolph’s character fight where ultimately, Dolph loses.  Jean Claude Van Damme could not accept losing to Jet Li, so he turned down the part.  Adam explained this to me because I didn’t understand.  Apparently, Jean Claude Van Damme never loses the last fight.  He always wins the last fight, beating the opponent who has formerly beat him, by training.  If Jean Claude Van Damme gets big enough, fast enough, and tough enough, he can overcome any opponent.  His vanity didn’t allow him to play the part.

I’m fine with this dose of egoism and machismo because it left the stage open for Dolph to come in.  I am hoping for an Expendables 2, so Dolph can be part of the winning good guy team all throughout.  Overall, H, my brother, and I all give it 2 thumbs up for six total thumbs up.  That is a serious amount of thumbs.  Now go see a movie.

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Susan Sarandon

I love Susan Sarandon.  I think she just might be the perfect woman.  Physically she is beautiful.  She was ballsy in 1975 in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  She was ethereal in 1987 in the Witches of Eastwick.  She was heartbreaking in 1998 in Stepmom and delightfully maniacal (villain) in 2007 in Enchanted.  That is over 30 years of a gorgeous woman acting in film.  She can raise an eyebrow and cock half a smile that says more than many people can say in novels.  Aside from her beauty, she has remarkable acting chops and gusto to go with them.

She was with Tim Robbins for 23 years before they split in late 2009.  They had two children together and a long love relationship that bloomed on the set of Bull Durham (1988).  They were revered for their longevity and respected as they broke up with grace.  There was no mud slinging or other disrespect that seems to fly in Hollywood relationships.  He is also 12 years younger than she is, which makes her all the more impressive.

Susan Sarandon also has perfect hair.  Even as she ages, it remains perfect.  It curls in just such a way.  If I could take her hair and plop it on my head, I’d look like a frightened poodle, but somehow, she always manages to tame her saucy red curls in a way that makes her look dangerous, inviting, and altogether worth looking at again.

Susan Sarandon, what a lady.

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Uh Oh, Sick Hubberton

I’m a bad blogger.  Getting prepared for my new academic year has made me neglect my blog.  I shall try to remedy this immediately, but in an uncommitted way.

Today went as usual for me, however, when H got home, he was puny.  I am not used to taking care of him when he isn’t feeling well.  I’ve got all my systems and signs figured out, but he is a totally different person with totally different issues and triggers.  I don’t know how to fix him!  I even called my mom for recommendations.

I then realized this is a preview of my life when I have a child.  (No, we’re not having babies soon.) I will have no idea what is wrong with it 99.9% of the time, at least for awhile.  Crap.

However, clueless as I may be, I am trying to take care of my under the weather husband.  We had plans to go to a friend’s comedy show tonight.  Instead of going out, we’re staying in.  He’s headed to bed at 9:30 and I’ll be quiet as a mouse in the other room for an hour to let him get good deep rest.  Maybe marriage is just a precursor to parenting with taller, more able bodies subjects.  Shh.  He’s sleeping.

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A Grown Up Job

I will be graduating with my second master’s degree in about 10 months.  That means I need to have a job in less time than that.  We could probably survive for a little while without any income from me, but it would not be ideal for a few reasons.  I would be a panicky, snappy mess and then finances would get tight.

To attempt to prevent these problems, I have been sprucing up my resume, contacting my references and getting prepared to job search.  If I enter the job market sooner rather than later, there will be less lag between school and job.

There is one problem with this.  When I try to start job searching, I get a constricting feeling in my chest.  The insides of me start trying to crawl out my throat and scream at me that they want to be free.  I am overwhelmed by how small I am, insecurity and the lack of confidence I feel with this whole process.  I am an educated, smart woman, but looking at job listings has me whittled down to a mess.

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Mawwaige is what bwings us togevah today.  Or rather, marriage is what brings us together this weekend.  Tonight, H and I are hitching all of our stuff into our car along with a wedding present and driving back home.  His brother will have a rehearsal and bachelor party tomorr0w, a dinner/mini reunion on Saturday, and the wedding Sunday.  H is a groomsman and has to wear a tux outside in August.  I feel kind of bad for him, but also believe I’ll need to gloat a bit because I’ll be sitting in air conditioning at my parents house for as long as possible about a mile away.

I feel like I need to bring some of the jugs of water that we used to use during band camp.  They’re a gallon or two of water and ice that stay cold really well.  I feel like the bridal party will need to hydrate to avoid passing out.  Luckily, it is supposed to be below 80 for Sunday.  I am hoping for a breeze.  I’m also considering investing in one of those little fans that can be purchased in china town for a dollar.  It won’t be that glamorous, but I might avoid sweating to death.

Outdoor wedding here I come.  I’ll just have to tell ushers that yes, the water jug really is my purse.

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